Student Life in UNIMY (Transportation)

Hi, it’s me again! Remember when I said I wanted to tell you more about the transportation available at UNIMY? As of now, we have three buses to shuttle UNIMY students around campus but I am willing to bet that there will more buses soon as more and more students start enrolling in UNIMY.

But first, here’s a rough idea on how our buses work according to our super-organised bus schedule.

As you can see, we have three morning trips that pick students up from both hostels – Mutiara Ville and The Arc – dropping them off at Auditorium P16 and lastly, Z10 campus. In the afternoon, there are two trips similar to the morning trips but take note of the time difference for the second afternoon trip: The timing for Mondays to Thursdays and Fridays are different due to Muslim prayer times on Fridays. As you can see from the morning and afternoon trips, our buses will drop students off at the bus stop in front of Auditorium P16.

It’s slightly different for the evening trips because the buses don’t pass by the auditorium anymore. The latest bus from UNIMY back to the hostels is at 10:15pm for students with classes at night. 

Here’s a tip – according to the bus schedule, at any time of the day students are allowed to request to be dropped off at Putrajaya Sentral where the KLIA transit and pick-up points for public buses are located.

During the weekends, a feeder bus is available for UNIMY students to jalan-jalan (go out, hangout and sightsee). There are 10 destination points that the feeder bus will bring you to. Make sure you are ready at your pick-up points at 5pm for the feeder bus to shuttle you back to your respective hostels. 

I love how UNIMY makes sure that students are comfortable and happy by giving us free means of transportation, even on weekends, so that we aren’t cooped up in our hostel rooms with nowhere to go.

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Emily Rachel