Student Life in UNIMY (Auditorium)

Hi there! This post is all about our auditorium. As mentioned previously, University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UNIMY) is a boutique university. When our university first started about four years ago, there weren’t even 100 students on campus; therefore, there was sufficient space for everyone to comfortably study and make use of the facilities.

Fast forward to today. The number of UNIMY students has grown from 20 during my intake in January 2017 to about 180 students in total during the two intakes held in April 2017. This growing number of students goes to show that the courses UNIMY has to offer are highly in demand. Since then, UNIMY has introduced a couple of new courses; for example, Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media.

Because the UNIMY family is growing, there is the need to rent the auditorium in Precinct 16 (P16). Auditorium P16 – as it is known - is big enough to accommodate a class of about 100 students. It is fully air conditioned with a projector and a microphone for our lecturers’ use so that they don’t have to strain their voices for students at the back to hear.

The auditorium is located on the second floor. On the ground floor, there are many food stalls available where students and working adults go for their breakfast and lunch with food sold at very affordable prices. RM4.50 for a plate of chicken rice? YES, PLEASE.

Where is Auditorium P16? Here’s a map I got from Google.

According to the map, it is a 2.4 km walk from the UNIMY campus, which takes approximately 30 minutes. Seems far? Don’t worry about that! There are actually two options to get to the auditorium faster. First, there is a shortcut known to UNIMY students where there’s no need for huge detours and U-turns – we can cut straight across the road from campus to the auditorium. Join us and we’ll show you how!

Second is we have buses that bring us straight there. There’s no need to walk but make sure you check the bus schedule for travel times. To learn more about our bus schedule, check out our next post on transportation where I’ll explain more. See you!

Emily Rachel