Student Life in UNIMY (Hostel)

Hi there! I’m Emily, a 3rd semester University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UNIMY) student studying Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media. Are you wondering what life is like as a student here in UNIMY? That’s great! Let me walk you through my student life in UNIMY starting with our hostel facilities.

Here in UNIMY, students regardless of their courses are given a comfortable and affordable hostel in Mutiara Ville, Cyberjaya to be their new home as their journey in UNIMY begins. Mutiara Ville is located about 20 minutes away from UNIMY’s campus but FRET NOT! Students here are very lucky as our modes of transportation to campus are taken care of. As of now, UNIMY has three buses that helps students get around from hostel to campus and vice versa. Not forgetting a great advantage of our buses that are able to take us to a variety of places nearby on the weekends such as IOI City Mall, Putrajaya for your shopping needs, DPulze Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya in case you need to get some groceries at Jaya Grocer, Putrajaya Sentral and many more. Convenient, isn’t it?

One of the accommodations provided by UNIMY at Mutiara Ville, Cyberjaya.
In Mutiara Ville, students are distributed into houses where girls and boys are of course, separated. Each house has 4 bedrooms, that is one master bedroom where three students share and two students per room in the other three rooms. Each house is fully furnished with a refrigerator, a stove area to do your cooking, and also a student study area in either the living area or the bedrooms depending on the layout of the house. If hand washing your clothes doesn’t sound appealing then that’s okay because here at Mutiara Ville, there is 24 hour Laundry Bar nearby. Each house is also provided with free Wi-Fi where students are able to access the internet for their assignments and studies. I’m currently living with a friend of mine in one of the ordinary rooms, we both have a cupboard to ourselves. As a student, I personally find the cupboard space sufficient for me and ALL my clothes. On top of that, all rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan and an air conditioner but students aren’t allowed to use the air conditioner as our water and electricity bills are all included in our hostel rental.

Swimming pool are available at Mutiara Ville 
Mutiara Ville is a safe place to live. An access card is given to each student living there where it is needed to be able to enter the student block to get to the lift. A security guard is also on 24 hour duty at the barrier gate of the student block. For any enquiries or questions, the management office of Mutiara Ville is located near the lobby. Mutiara Ville provides a number of facilities such as the MV Café that is located right next to the lobby too. Food isn’t a problem whilst living in Mutiara Ville as Gem In Shopping Mall that is down the road from Mutiara Ville has several food shops, a 7-Eleven and an art shop as well. Apart from transport and food, Mutiara Ville has amazing recreational facilities too such as a gym that is located in Gem In Mall, a basketball court and a swimming pool! Say hello to an affordable gym membership! As a whole, Mutiara Ville is a great place to start your student life here in UNIMY, so come and join us!

Emily Rachel
(Diploma in Interactive & Digital Media)