Student Life at UNIMY (Campus)

Hello! Want to know more about our campus life here in UNIMY? Yes? Then you’re at the right place! 

UNIMY is short for University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering. That’s right! We are the first ever ICT-focused university in Malaysia. Here, students are groomed with sufficient knowledge in IT and are given an opportunity to intern with great industries such as IBM (Malaysia), Dell (Malaysia), Microsoft (Malaysia) and many more. Our campus is located at Menara Z10, next to The Everly Putrajaya. It isn’t a massive campus as our university is a boutique university. Here at UNIMY, everyone is treated like family. Lecturers and staff are ever ready to guide us if we have enquiries or questions. 

Everyone in UNIMY is approachable. Students, teachers and staff will make sure that your journey with us here in UNIMY is comfortable, friendly and educational. Opportunities often pop up in UNIMY, a number of talks by people in the industry has been held. Not too long ago, UNIMY had its Trailblazing 2.0 and career day simultaneously where speakers like Mrs Elain Lockman, Co-Founder of ATA Plus, Mr Pang Yee Beng, Head of of Dell ASPAC & ASEAN and many more gave a talk on their experiences and knowledge. Here at UNIMY, we provide students with a great exposure to the industry and the people behind it.

As of now, our campus here at Menara Z10 consists of three floors, G floor, M floor and 1st floor. On the ground floor (G floor), we have a refreshment area where food is catered for the students, we have our library where students are able to borrow books, print lecture notes, or to just sit in the library to do work or past time. Apart from those, our Centre of Student Experience (CSE) is where students can inquire about hostel, activities regarding clubs and organisations, health services and also where students can collect their parcels that were sent to UNIMY. There are also two computer labs on the ground floor that can be used by students to complete assignments or to work on projects when the labs aren’t occupied by classes. Mezzanine floor (M floor) has our staff room and four classrooms. The 1st floor is our student area where students are able to take a break from classes and just ‘chill’. 

There are several vending machines around our campus that are easily located as they’re not very hard to find, one on the ground floor and two on the 1st floor. Students are able to purchase drinks if they are thirsty and snacks to keep their tummies from growling during classes. Besides that, there is a table next to the vending machine on the 1st floor where students and clubs are able to sell food or drinks too. There is also a keyboard, dart board and a ping pong table for students to enjoy in the student area on the first floor. That should be all for now, see you in the next post!

Emily Rachel