How To Be A Star Employee For The Future!

Want to up your employability in the tech industry? We got some tips from those in the know!

What will happen to our jobs in the future when advanced technology, automation and robotics take over? Seems like humans will soon be replaced by robots, which is happening right now in factories where workers’ jobs have largely been turned over to machines!

According to a new report, nearly half of current jobs today could be automated by 2055! So what’s a young graduate supposed to do?

Hone in on the things that make us, well, HUMAN!

That was the focus of the recent career talk held by UNIMY’s Student Representative Council (SRC) Club. Titled “The Future of Jobs: Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the whole idea behind the talk was to get students in the know on how to make themselves stand out from their competitors – other IT graduates and yes, even robots and technology.

The talk was led by two star powers from LTT Global CommunicationsWemel Cumavoo, co-founder and CEO, and Rani Wemel, co-founder and COO. LTT Global Communications is a global pioneer in mobile learning with the vision to enrich and empower human capital development by making learning more accessible and affordable. The company also actively participates in joint activities to help create awareness and encourage informal methods of learning.

In other words, LTT Global Communications is all for developing and nurturing future employees, which is why they were the perfect pros for our career talk.

Their advice to UNIMY student on how to stand out as an employee of the future so that companies are looking for them to hire instead of them applying for jobs? Bank in on the very qualities that make us human – communicate, appreciate and be passionate!

After all, according to a PwC global CEO study, 66% of CEOs say that the absense of necessary skills is their biggest talent challenge. Hence, many have turned to big data for recruitment, creating a new technical world order where job applicants are found and evaluated by their merits and contributions to the workforce.

How does big data come into play for job recruiting and development? Well, think LinkedIn and other profiles on the web – these provide access to information about potential hires to see if they fit into a company when analysed with the right tools and meaningful perception. But it takes more than just interpreting these publicly available data – personal interaction and communication provide more insight about a potential hire.

Which is why it pays to stand out with these specific points that will make you a valuable employee of the future.

First, be a good storyteller. It’s a skill you need not only to wow the interviewer during your interview or to make your cover letter more interesting but will come in handy when working in a team with your colleagues. A great storyteller who speaks well will be able to convince others, making it easier to get the job done well.

Then, learn to synthesize your ideas. This is a vital future skill where you are able to summarise the big picture to get down to the details. It’s useful when ideas are abstract (as they normally are in the tech industry) and you’re able to pinpoint what’s important to focus and lead with that.

Also, don’t forget the very thing that makes you human – empathy. Nurture your compassion and ability to understand others. Be part of the team and support each other.

Don’t forget to play as well! Always have a balance between work and play. Don’t forget to enjoy life in the midst of work. This is what keeps your energised and creative always.

Finally, find meaning and purpose in everything that you do. Appreciate what you have and do what you love. Have a meaning in life and that will guide you to success.